Tranquil Tekapo Lake

One of my first roadtrips in New Zealand was from Christchurch to Tekapo Lake with my amazing friend Nadège. We took off for a long weekend and slept in the car and cooked on the ground with the camping stove.

Lake Tekapo Rock
Pukaki Lake Sunrise View

We arrived at a very basic campsite surrounded by forests. Waking up very early in the morning – it was probably 5 am –  revealed us a beautiful surprise. The sky was first red like a flame then yellow like  gold and kept on showing amazing colours, pink, purple and then all those colours alltogether.

Nadège and I were just astonished and decided to go back there another time – but that is another story.

The stillness of the lake at the first lights of a brand new day conveys calmness and joy. It feels like being in a timeless unknown place. I also meditated, dawn is the best time of the day to sit and meditate, to feel the day starting, the lights lighting up your face and slowly the warmth of a new day keeps your heart alive and renvigorate your soul. And I feel blessed to have another day on this planet, so beautiful, and rich in wonders.

Then birds start singing and you feel in harmony with yourself and in tune with the Universe. A smile manifests the gratitude and happiness. We are just humble creatures. Nothing belongs to us, and we do not belong to anything. We are like a molecule. Connected but independent.

That is the way I like to feel everyday, that is why I try to see as many sunrises as I can. Blessed be the day upon us.


© Copyright Silvia Di Domenicantonio

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