IMG_0485 veduta dalla diga
Thompson Dam from the hill

I am walking amidst the forests in the area proposted as Great Forest National Park from the community. We are in the area of Mt. Baw Baw at ca. 1300 asl.

As soon as I got out of the car an inebriating scent of alpine eucalypt permeate my senses.

IMG_0486 veduta coup e diga
Logged area in foreground and Thompson Dam in background

First we went to the lookout from where you can see Thompson Dam. The lookout is in a timber coup where trees are cut and burnt. The Dam is surrounded by majestic forests. The difference is remarkable.

The trees from the old-growth forests are cut down to make wood chips sold to Chinese and Japanese paper companies to produce paper. There is a better and more sustainable way to make paper using plantations instead of native state forests which we need to protect in order to protect wildlife that live there and to develop eco-tourism. Sustainable tourism will bring a better income to families living in those areas creating new jobs while protecting environmental resourses and fostering sustainability which is necessary for the future of all living and no living beings on the planet.

IMG_0496 fiume thompson e tussock
Montane Fen: Tussock along Thompson River

We walked among the swamps and observed and photographed two Montane Fen with tussock all around. Thompson River, water catchment for Melboune city, flows softly and quietly among tussocks and eucalypts. This is an amazing area saved from the logging industry but enthusiastic environmentalists in 2004.

IMG_0513 palude grande 1
Montane Fen during heavy rains

While we were driving at nightfall, there was a little animal in the middle of the dirt road: it is a sooty owl which an endagered species and very difficult to spot.

IMG_0512 fiume thompson e piante subacque 4
River plants

Although my shoes were soaked wet and I was cold, I was running, jumping in the understory of the autumn forests, I saw animals crossing the path and heard the this tall trees crackling: absolutly fantastic!

We spotted wedge tail eagle, lyre birds, the sooty owl, rosellas. We also walked through different environments from swamps and rivers, to valleys and hills; from logged areas to  the lush forest after a downpour.

IMG_0493 pozzanghera e fern 2
Understory of Mt Baw Baw Forests

I am glad that I went to visit this area and I advise anyone passing through Victoria to go visit and to Victoria’s citizens to ask to the local government to protect this area and request the Great Forest National Park – where we can reconnect with nature and ourselves.

Fore more information about the Great Forest National Park visit the following link:

Thank you @Chris Taylor for your guidance, thank you @Marty Stringer for taking me along!
Chris and Marty are two exceptional photographers, check their websites at:
Check the Italian version on my Facebook page:
© Copyright Silvia Di Domenicantonio

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