Bright Brisbane & hidden natural beauty in Gold Coast

I visited Brisbane a couple of times and both times I was blessed with a beautiful sunshine and lovely temperatures even in Winter.
My friend Zoe Zen performed on her stilt on Saturday at the Gold Coast Boat Show wearing a wonderful costume created by Sacred Circus and a choir for the first Maroon festival on Sunday – such a resourceful girl!




Zoe on stilts with sacred circus costume




Zoe and Captain Jack Sparrow


We walked around the markets in Brisbane South Bank . There are so many creations; it is mind-blowing. I was mesmerized by a photographer and her stall T-Travel full of works of art printed on acrylic panels.

Guest at Maroon Festival
First Queensland Maroon Festival
Choir at Maroon Festival
South Bank Brisbane
Zoe at the South Bank Markets
Ferry in Brisbane
Blow with the wind
We took the ferry which is the most common public transport during the weekend. The wind in your hair and beautiful trees along the banks of the river. Everything comprised in a growing city with highrises.
We also spent a day in Burleigh Heads which is the South Side of Gold Coast away from highrises and traffic. Burleigh Heads is a pearl. We were at Zoe’s holiday house which was just in front of the creek amist a temperate rainforest. From the balcony I could smell the eucalypts and see the wild turkeys chasing themselves around.
Moreover we managed to put a paddle board on top of a trailer and take it all the way down to the creek where we did some paddle boarding. It was the second time in my life. My first time I was actually surfing with the paddle board which resulted in a distaser…I am better at regular surfing. However, I discoverd how paddle boarding is relaxing and helps to engage your core so feel more balanced and grounded especially if you are in shallow, tranquil clear waters.
Give it a try! With the Gold Coast experience my advise is to do not take things for granted and do not be judgemental, instead when someone says “that place is really ugly” take it is an opportunity to go discover and find the beauty. And do so in your daily life as well. When something doesn’t go according to your plans, see the beauty, the opportunity or the lesson behind it. That will help to see your life differently and become more passionate!


Govinda Hare Krishna food in Burleigh Heads with Zoe and Abha


Do you have any experience of a place or event or party where you were not sure whether to go or not and in the end you were glad that you did because you had fun or met amazing people or discovered beautiful places? Share it!
copyright Silvia Di Domenicantonio

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