Why I came back to Nepal in 2017?

I feel 2017 is a special year: new political elections in Nepal after nearly 20 years; the International Permaculture Convergence takes place in India; it’s been two years since the big earthquake in Nepal happened. Those are the reasons why I decided that I needed to come to this area of the world again and shoot a documentary about the reconstruction of rural areas using sustainable methods.

Pashupatinath Shiva Temple


Monkeys at Pashupatinath Temple

Many things changed since the earthquake, Nepalese hospitality stays the same though. Nepali are very open and welcoming people and I admire their courage in rebuilding after the earthquake.

Kathmandu Durbar Square is still visibly damaged and the reconstruction hasn’t started yet although the international community sent lots of funds.

Kathmandu Durbar Square in 2014 before the big earthquake


Kathmandu Durbar Square in 2017 after the big earthquake

On the contrary the Great Stupa in Boudhanath, the largest stupa in Nepal, got rebuilt in a very short time thank to the good will of the community.

Same in the countryside there are a lots of beautiful community based projects. Lots of women are participating in the social life contributing to their families and their commuities with great ideas.

Boudha Great Stupa

For instance Mithu from Hasera Farm created a seed bank at the village Patalekhet and at present she has more than 170 varieties of seeds.

She told us that at the beginning there were only 5 women and when she asked them to provide some local seeds, everyone said they did not have any. So she decided to give financial awards for the first three people bringing seeds and what a surprised when a woman managed to collect 180 in one session!

Hasera Farm
Langtang Himalayan view from Hasera Farm

It is wonderful because a few months ago in Ararat, country Victoria in Australia, I went to a seed bank workshop at the local library and the speaker woman said that she had been collected seeds for over 20 years. Moreover she has 25 different varieties of tomatoes!

What a great world we are living in.

With my documentary I would like to express the message that with little things like the seeds example, we can create wonderful things even a  permaculture centre like Hasera which is reknown all over the world.

Even such a terrible event as an earthquake can be seen as an opportunity to rebuilt, restart, stand up again and be stronger than ever.

This is a chance not only for Nepal but for everyone in any country of the world to plant the seeds for a sustainable future working in our communities.

What have you been sowing in 2017?

What is the future like for you?


© Copyright Silvia Di Domenicantonio



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