(VIDEO) Sustainable Action Nepal: our story


Ciao everyone!

Since July I have been in Nepal with my partner Marty to film the documentary  “Sustainable Action for Nepal” about how Nepal is recovering after the 2015 earthquake in a more sustainable way.

We are passionate about living sustainably: caring for the environment, for people and ensuring healthy relationships with Nature and one another. 

I am grateful to be back in Nepal two years after the earthquake to share positive examples from protecting the environment to creating opportunities for people in rural areas through grass-roots projects.

We started our travels in Hasera Permaculture Learning Centre which I visited for the first time in 2014. Here, Govinda and his family helped the community to recover after the earthquake providing bamboo shelters and solar panels.

Bird’s eyes view of Organic Hasera Permaculture Centre

We also traveled to the far east of Nepal to visit Mother Earth Sustainable Children’s Home, a permaculture home for children of prisoners built after the earthquake. Here, children can live in a safe and healthy environment

Almost Heaven Aerial Image (HiRes)-0470
Mother Earth Sustainable Children’s home near Ilam (Nepal). Contact them for a visit. Wonderful permaculture paradise where childre develop in a save and healthy environment

As a crowdfunded documentary Sustainable Action for Nepal aims to raise $ 5000 AUD; half of it will be donated in charity to community projects and the other half will contribute for the making of the documentary. 

Stay tuned for regular updates and thank you very much in advance for your generosity and for sharing the project!!

Silvia & Marty

Sustainable Action for Nepal

Documentary Project

FB: Sustainable Action Nepal 

Instagram: Sustainable Action Nepal 

Watch our VideoBlog!


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