Ciao I am Silvia originally from Italy and based in Australia at the moment.

I love inspiring people with my life adventures because I think each of us has great gifts to offer to the Earth and its inhabitants!

I was fond of languages and culture since primary school; my mission was to explore the world and be able to communicate with everyone.

20 years later I graduated in Conference Interpreting and Translation, studied English, German, French, Spanish and Russian and found work in Ireland.

After a couple of years of office work in Ireland, I was already in my 30s, and I thought about my childhood dreams. That is when I decided that the explorer within myself could not stay silent and still anymore.

I quit my job and solo traveled for 9 months in India and Nepal where I learnt deep lessons about myself.

Then I continued traveling first to earn some money and then because I love my nomadic life. I lived one year in New Zealand and now it’s been one and a half years that I am living in Australia.

Next step, my partner and I are going to shoot our first documentary in Nepal about the reconstruction after the earthquake happened in 2015. We want to show community projects where sustainability and permaculture principles have been used to rebuild a brighter future. (To hear more about my next project see @SustainableActionNepal )

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