Video aggiornamento sul documentario in Nepal “Sustainable Action for Nepal”

Guardate il divertente video che abbiamo girato all' "Himalayan Permaculture Centre" (HPC - centro di permacultura himalaiano) nel Nepal occidentale. Potrete farvi un'idea della vita in un villaggio rurale del Nepal.


Our First Days in Kathmandu

Boudha - Great Stupa of Nepal at sunset   Flying Flags from Boudha - the Great Stupa of Nepal We arrived in Nepal in July 10th after a long flight from Melbourne. The reknown traffic and dusty roads of Kathmandu made us choose a more relaxing place where to spend our first nights in Nepal. … Continue reading Our First Days in Kathmandu

Sustainable Action Nepal: la nostra storia

    Ciao a tutti! Da luglio sono in Nepal con il mio compagno Marty per filmare un breve documentario  sulla ripresa del Nepal dopo il terremoto del 2015 attraverso modelli sostenibili. Il nostro centro principale sarà l'istituto di permacultura Hasera  dove sono stati attuati i principi della permacultura - tutela per la terra, per le persone e condivisione delle risorse - per aiutare … Continue reading Sustainable Action Nepal: la nostra storia

(VIDEO) Sustainable Action Nepal: our story   Ciao everyone! Since July I have been in Nepal with my partner Marty to film the documentary  “Sustainable Action for Nepal” about how Nepal is recovering after the 2015 earthquake in a more sustainable way. We are passionate about living sustainably: caring for the environment, for people and ensuring healthy relationships with Nature and one another.  I am grateful to be … Continue reading (VIDEO) Sustainable Action Nepal: our story

What is Sustainable Action Nepal?

Sustainable Action for Nepal is my campaign to fund HASERA Agriculture Research and Training Centre and my documentary about permaculture, sustainable methods and the reconstruction after the earthquake in April 2015. Please contribute, share and help me to make my dream coming true! Thank you for your generosity! What do you think about my project in Nepal?     Italiano: … Continue reading What is Sustainable Action Nepal?

Why I came back to Nepal in 2017?

I feel 2017 is a special year: new political elections in Nepal after nearly 20 years; the International Permaculture Convergence takes place in India; it's been two years since the big earthquake in Nepal happened. Those are the reason why I decided that I needed to come to this area of the world again.

Daintree Rainforest

One of my last day in the Daintree Rainforest! I feel so much joy running around that place and breathing the fresh air! Thank you Martin Stringer Film & Photography for the beautiful pic! When was the last time that you run on the beach? I would love to know about your experience too! ******** … Continue reading Daintree Rainforest

Rebuilding Nepal

    I am happy to inspire people when I am traveling. Nepal has so far the most open-hearted people and a rich multiculturalism. My campaign aims to help locals to rebuild communities after the 2015 earthquake. For more info: Sustainable Action for Nepal Any help appreciated! Thanks, Silvia

Bright Brisbane & hidden natural beauty in Gold Coast

I visited Brisbane a couple of times and both times I was blessed with a beautiful sunshine and lovely temperatures even in Winter. My friend Zoe Zen performed on her stilt on Saturday at the Gold Coast Boat Show wearing a wonderful costume created by Sacred Circus and a choir for the first Maroon festival … Continue reading Bright Brisbane & hidden natural beauty in Gold Coast