Connessi con la Natura, connessi con se stessi.

Cosa significa connessione con la natura e con se stessi? Per me ascoltare il ritmo della natura mi aiuta a scegliere le vie che portano ad una vita più soddisfacente. Vorrei condividere con questo post la scelta che ha cambiato la mia vita radicalmente e che mi permette di vivere rimanendo fedele ai miei ideali [...]


Tranquil Tekapo Lake

One of my first roadtrips in New Zealand was from Christchurch to Tekapo Lake with my amazing friend Nadège. We took off for a long weekend and slept in the car and cooked on the ground with the camping stove. We arrived at a very basic campsite surrounded by forests. Waking up very early in the [...]

Car Home

Someone called me crazy others hobo. Last year after working for three months in Kaikoura (New Zeland) I bought a station wagon in Christchurch from friends of friends  and I decided to live in my car for a little while. I first build the curtains inside and a movable bed/matress, stove&gas, food and off I [...]

New Zealand New Adventure

My year in New Zealand (2015) was really adventurous. I lived 3 months in Kaikoura (East coast South island North of Christchurch) where I swam with dolphins, saw baby seals playing in hidden waterfalls, climbed Mount Fyffe where I witnessed two double rainbows, a stunning moon rising, and exceptional sunrise and sunset. I also lived [...]

Pashupatinati last Hindu journey and Boudha Great Stupa

Pashupatinath is one of the last resort of Hindus before their life transmigrate into the next life. Walking through the smelly smoke makes you feel like a small particle burning into ashes in the air. But it also houses the holy Shivalinga (the holy symbol of Lord Shiva). Death and Life are intertwined here. On [...]

Dreaming of Bhaktapur

  Wandering in the streets of Bhaktapur, you realize this village just outside Kathmandu, is frozen in a forgotten time. People have a different spirit compared to some other busy areas in the capital. Along the streets, carpets of wheat paint the squares like gold. Typical handicrafts cover the small shops where you can find [...]

Lumbini, Siddhartanagar

Crossing the boarder between India and Nepal, I decided to visit the birthplace of Buddha first. The Terai is a crosscultural area where India and Nepal traditions merges to create an incredible atmosphere. Although the site of the birthplace itself is made of just a stone housed in a shrine, there is much more to [...]