Why I came back to Nepal in 2017?

I feel 2017 is a special year: new political elections in Nepal after nearly 20 years; the International Permaculture Convergence takes place in India; it's been two years since the big earthquake in Nepal happened. Those are the reason why I decided that I needed to come to this area of the world again.


Holy Benares

Varanasi is an inspiring place. You need to give it sometimes because it is really exhausting at the same time. In the small city center there are many narrow streets and a huge bazaar all around. You find people from all over the world. So the crowd may be overwhelming sometimes. As I said it … Continue reading Holy Benares

Old New Delhi

I was really impressed by Delhi. I was lucky to discover the capital with a good friend from there. New Delhi is incredibly clean and green. It was a pleasure to take the underground, no crowd, very cheap, fast and the cleanest one in the world (I took the underground in Tokyo, New York, Rome, … Continue reading Old New Delhi

Golden Amritsar

  Amritsar is another busy city but inside the Golden Temple there is a total different atmosphere. Everybody is welcomed even though you are not Sikh and that feels nice to see that much tolerance. Everything is clean and in order inside and least but not last Punjabi food is incredible nice. Even at the … Continue reading Golden Amritsar